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Bad Company

Technical question for our readers. Please help!



Technical question for our readers. Please help!

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alarm clock
UPDATE: False alarm! Much to our relief. Um ... carry on, then?

It has just come to our attention that some of you may be getting update alerts on our locked draft posts!

That is not supposed to happen! And right now we don't know if it's just a glitch that's happening to one person or whether it's everyone who's got us on alerts.

So, please help us out here if you can. If you're getting notifications that we've updated but then you can't see the post when you go there -- we need to know so we can figure out how to make that stop.

We're pulling the next arc together and hope to have it posted very soon. Thanks to everyone who's following; we really, really appreciate it.
  • LOL sorry! ugh
    • No problem, really. This is what happens when one of us does LJ first and THEN coffee, instead of the other way 'round as God intended.

  • Oh and you got me all excited that there was an update! But I see (reading THROUGH the lines instead of between) that there is a new arc a-starting up! And i'm excited all over again!
    • ... aren't you on our first-readers list? I was sure you were.

      In which case you should be seeing some new stuff in the next few days, for final going-over before we go live.
      • I most definitely AM a first reader! But I don't think I got a look at the new entry in the "first reader" stage, for some reason. Can you make sure I'm still on your first reader list?
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