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Bad Company and Aftershocks: The Big Post

Here is the entire Bad Company ficverse, in chronological order.

We welcome your browsing, lurking, comments and questions.  

Bad Company

Interregnum One: Screaming Doesn't Help
    Wilson considers.
Interregnum Two: The Phone Call
    House gets a phone call he wasn't expecting.
Interregnum Three: The Second Phone Call
    House tries to stop the inevitable.
Interregnum Four: Sickness
    House's demons come home to roost.
Interregnum Five: Sympathy For The Devil
     An assignment is given and undertaken with the utmost care.

Aftershocks: A Story in Shattered Pieces

1.1: How Wilson Got Away
    Always going in the wrong direction for the right reasons.
1.2: Incoming
    Preparing for a hurricane.
1.3: Landfall
    Wilson arrives in the ER. So does House.
1.4: Harbinger
    How Chase brought the good news.
1.5: Limbo
    House goes home. Sort of.
1.6: Communication Breakdown
    "Can you identify the body, sir? We'll need for you to do that."

2.1: A Damn Expensive Danish

    It is twenty-three minutes after nine.
2.2: The Cops
    A pair of police detectives pay a visit to Dr. Wilson.

3.1: Strange Angel
    House sets his own visiting hours.
3.2: The Firefly
    Every night, Wilson watches...

4.1: Rib Plates
    House has a solution for Wilson's broken ribs. It's...mostly legal.
4.2: Fault Lines
    Wilson tells a story.

5.1: The Shave
    Now he knows how lucky he is.
5.2: A Secret Weapon
    Wilson makes a decision.
5.3: Stranded
    There are so few ways she can help.
5.4: Foreign Food
    What a long, strange day it's been.

6.1: Up and Around
    On his feet for the first time in nearly a week.
6.2: Heartbreak Hotel
    The place is utterly depressing.

7.1: The Meeting
    Dr. Wilson isn't just any patient.
7.2: Unilateral
    A decision has been made. Time to tell Wilson.

10.1: Homecoming
    There's no way he's walking out of here and no way he's letting House drive the wheelchair.
10.2: Nightfall
    It shouldn't be this quiet with Wilson around.

11.1: Carla Jean Fowler
    Dear God in heaven, make it stop.

12.1: Catch and Release
    Something's fishy.

13.1: Rude Awakening
    Oh, how I hate to wake up in the mornin'...
13.2: Suds
    Simple things aren't that simple now.

14.1: A Good Idea
    House makes a plan.
14.2: Toxins
    Do not take internally.

15.1: Poison Control
    He wishes they'd just wake him up when it was over.
15.2: Contact
    Wilson has developed a new reflex.
15.3: Down Time
    Between the motion and the act...
15.4: Threads
    Surprise, surprise...

16.1: The Trojan Horse
    Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.
16.2: We Interrupt This Program...
    Is one peaceful meal too much to ask?
16.3: The Bound Man
    The centre cannot hold...
16.4: Land Mines
    It had to happen.
16.5: Shrapnel
    What a mess.

17.1: Home Alone
    It's 10:30 in the morning and there's nothing on TV.
17.2: Accounting
    Interest rates on repayment may result in foreclosure

18.1: Role Reversal
    Didn't you used to be someone else?

19.1: The Observer
    Chase puts in a few unusual hours 
19.2: John Hancock
    "A" is for apple ...

20.1: Consult
    Wilson takes a call
20.2: Sensitivity
    It's like kindergarten dodgeball in here.

21.1: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
    When the bough breaks...
21.2: Mug Shot
    The female of the species is more deadly than the male.
21.3: Favors
    House never was one to share.

22.1: Pathetic
    The pattern of Wilson's days is drastically different.
22.2: Sacrifices
    No direction home.
22.3: Cruelty
    Right back where they started -- or maybe not.
22.4: A White Lie
    Ignorance is bliss, about 50% of the time.
22.5: Nocturne
    Of all the unexpected things ...

23.1: Surprises
    "I hope I see him the next time I have to come to the clinic."
23.2: Hallmark
    Sometimes a lesson is learned.
23.3: Milton Bradley
    An evening's entertainment

24.1: In Under the Radar
    There has to be a reason for this kind of avoidance.
24.2: The Little Things
    Interludes from Wilson's world
24.3: A Walk in the Park
    "We're going to the park."  
24.4: Wednesday in the Park With Martin
    When you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

25.1: Nothing For It
    House is back to the very beginning and there's nothing for it.

26.1: Water Flowing Underground
    And you may ask yourself -- well ... how did I get here?
26.2: Banished
    One of the classic blunders
26.3: Victory
    There's more than one way to conquer.
26.4: Jaguar
    Some Wilsonian cooking is just what he needs.
26.5: Conundrum
    Doctor Wilson seems to mock him...

28.1: Fresh
    Like a goddamned pregnant woman with his cravings...
28.2: Mangoes
    Would someone please explain...?

29.1: Let's Make a Deal

    The only way to give anything to House is to make him think he's stealing it.
29.2: Defense
     He'll use whatever strategies he can.
29.3: A Mother's Love
    Honor thy father and mother ...

30.1: The Evening News
    House tells him everything he wants to know.
30.2: The Value of Things
    A couple of rounds with insomnia

32.1: The Power of Suggestion
    Dancing to a tune he really hates
32.2: Off the Map
    For some things there are no guidelines

33.1: Groundless
    Nothing happened.

36.1: Detonation
    Truth hurts.
36.2: Counting Flowers on the Wall
     Just one more thing that wasn't in Chase's job description.
36.3: The Worst of All Possible Worlds
    You can run, but you can't hide.

37.1: Hurry Up and Wait
    Wilson has some time to think it over.
37.2: Fallout
    The only thing worse than coming home alone is being alone when you get there.

 38.1: The Green Fuse
    "... and that's why it's a bond that can never, ever be broken."

40.1: Good Boy
    Sometimes, behaving yourself gets you nowhere.
40.2: Contact, Part Two
    We'll go somewhere.

42.1: Smoke Signals
    Wilson finds his own ways to communicate. So does House.

44.1: A Pleasure Suspended
    Maybe it's time for an experiment.

45.1: Lock and Key
    He wonders where he fits now.
45.2: Free at Last
    Some surprises are welcome.
45.3: Lifeline
    No one's going to give him his life back. He'll have to take it.

47.1: Six Burners
    Eking out a few more inches

48.1: Sustenance
    It was a carefully measured decision.

49.1: The Many Unknowns
    Still such a long way to go.

50.1: Reconstruction
    They take out old pieces of metal, and put new ones in.

53.1: Reconstruction, Part Two

    Once upon a time...

62.1: Win, Lose, or Draw
    You play the cards you're dealt.
Reelfoot Rift: Epilogue to Aftershocks

Reelfoot Rift:  Tim

Reelfoot Rift:  Nick
Reelfoot Rift:  Dr. X and Dr. Y
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