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Bad Company

Ancient History, Part Three



Ancient History, Part Three

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TITLE: Ancient History
SUMMARY: One wrong move.
RATING: R for language and themes (gen fic).
WARNINGS: This is a very alternate universe. Adult themes and adult language.
DISCLAIMER: Don't own 'em. Never will.
NOTES: Links to all chapters of the Distress Call universe can be found here.

Eggie leaned back in his chair and watched the kid eat like food was going out of style. His cheeks were wind-burned and his eyes red from the cold, but Eggie couldn't stop looking at him.

He didn't look like a kid any more. He looked like a soldier home from a mission, tired yet still alert, his shoulders hunched under that old jacket, his long fingers grabbing bits of day-old cream roll as he wolfed it down.

Sometimes Eggie still saw the little thief who'd walked into his shop, the kid who never talked about having friends and whose parents never came 'round looking for him. Those same long fingers could be now counted on to lift a few secrets from competitors when necessary, and thanks to Eggie's tutelage, he was never caught.

Eggie felt a little glow of pride, and then Greggo turned his head, the light falling on that mess of auburn curls and the fine planes of his long face.

He was beautiful, and Eggie bet no one had ever told him that. Not that Eggie could, either; the kid would laugh in the face of anyone fool enough to say such a thing.

"I gotta go do my chores," Greg muttered, snatching up a pastry for the road. "Be back, though. I need to stay here tonight." He was looking down again as he walked out, and Eggie didn't need to ask why. Greggo'd been staying in the back office on a cot, more and more often. Same old shit as always, with his dad. It had gotten steadily worse since Greg got that bike, but Eggie felt no guilt for his part in the matter. If it wasn't the Nymph it would have been some other thing.

It would be an hour before the kid returned. Eggie went upstairs to his loft above the shop, cleaned up the dirty dishes and the stale pile of laundry, and put fresh sheets on the bed.

"There's more dust on you than on the damn bike," Eggie said, meeting him as he walked back in. "Go on up to my flat; I got a shower cube with your name on it."

Greg nodded and slipped past, toward the stairs.

He knew better than to keep looking, but holy hell. Greg, in a thin gray shirt clinging to his clean skin, was such a sight. Those newly-widened shoulders, the muscle and bone moving so easily; the washed-but-wrinkled pair of loose work pants that he obviously meant to sleep in, downstairs on that lousy old cot.

But in the end, it had been the tired, wary blue eyes and the head full of dark, damp curls that had done Eggie in. His fingers itched, just watching the kid nosing around Eggie's place as if he belonged there.

"So what're these chores you gotta do every damn night?"

"The usual. Feed animals, clean up shit. Miss a day and the shit gets deep."

"Your dad's a real son of a bitch, isn't he, kid?"

"Total sweetheart. That's why I stay here." Greg was fidgeting around the apartment, idly picking up whatever damn thing he found. Not wanting to leave and be alone, was what.

"He ever even tell you he loves you? Any kinda shit like that?"

"Yeah, every day. And then we have long heart-to-heart talks about all my hopes and dreams." Greg wasn't looking at him. Had some piece of junk or other in his hand, looking at that, like he could still hide from someone who knew him as well as Eggie.

"C'mere, kiddo," he said. "You don't have to sleep on that fuckin' wobbly cot." And Greg did come closer, because he was miserable and lonely and needed some affection; Eggie could tell. He knew the look, the way people moved. The kid's eyes had this tired question, this longing, that in hindsight Eggie guesses he misread. Too many damn shadows in the room, and too much blood flowing out of his brain and into his dick, and he stuck his fingers into the kid's hair, leaned in close, felt the anticipation in the Greg's tense shoulder. It was just a taste he wanted, hell, after all this time and everything he'd done for the kid, just a taste.

So he took it -- moved in and caught a second of pure white bliss, his mouth pressing into Greg's. He could feel that sharp crease in the upper lip, that detail that had driven him crazy for what felt like fucking forever. He'd hesitated and fought with himself and resisted, and after all that it was so simple; Greg wasn't even moving. He'd been waiting for this, the teenage bastard, teasing. Eggie let out a low chuckle, and he began to open his mouth, oh, just like this ...

And then Greg moved.

Eggie never saw it happen. Just a dim blur. His shoulder wrenched sideways, backward, almost out of the fucking socket. An instant blow knocked his legs out from under him. Before he could blink his back hit the floor, hard. All the air pounded out of his lungs; the room spun around while he gasped for breath. When the spinning stopped, he realized Greg was holding him down like a set of fucking grav-straps. The grip on his arms was so tight he thought the bones would break. Greg was snarling like an animal, like nothing Eggie'd ever fucking seen, and his teeth, holy fuck. Needles, long ones, thin and white like a cobra's; fucking fangs, oh holy fuck. "Holy fuck," Eggie said.

Greg grabbed him by the shoulders and those eyes were so hard and wild. He'll kill me, Eggie thought, but Greg didn't. He slammed Eggie's head against the floor. The room went dark as the kid's weight lifted off him.

Eggie wasn't sure if he imagined it or if he really heard the Nymph speed away, but when the lights came back on in his brain, Greg was gone.

  • Eggie got off easy. Poor Greg. He's feeling lonely and wanting to be around someone who doesn't rant at him like his dad. And that shit Eggie tries to take advantage of that like it's his right. No wonder House didn't want him anywhere near Wilson.
    • Yes, this.

      Eggie's got a very disturbing side to his character. He's an opportunistic predator who sees himself as caring; he can really be a sick bastard, and he did more harm than he realized.
  • ^Agreed. Eggie is a bastard. Yet, strangely, I think I wouldn't have him any other way. He's such a bad, but cool, character.
    • wouldn't have him any other way

      You know, we couldn't have told this story if Eggie had been anything other than the tangled mess of contradictions that he is. There are things we deeply dislike about him, but in this universe, and in our own, people are often this confusing mixture of decent and not.
  • Wow! Loving all the frequent updates. I almost didn't check just now thinking one couldn't possibly be up so quickly but I did and I'm happy for it.

    All the descriptions of a young House drove me crazy. Phew! Greg, in a thin gray shirt clinging to his clean skin, was such a sight. Those newly-widened shoulders, the muscle and bone moving so easily; the washed-but-wrinkled pair of loose work pants...". This really got to me. Great description.

    I was wondering when House would show his teeth to Eggie. I have a feeling that is why he runs off to do errands. Did he look at the horses in the barn to feed?

    Can't blame Eggie for trying but I'm glad Greg put him in his place. The funny thing is I really like Eggie. These chapters kind of remind me of Star Wars. The relationship between Annakin (sp?) and his employer.

    Loving the frequent updates. Great story! Thanks for sticking with it. I am missing Wilson though. Looking forward to his return.
    • Eggie's a sleazy opportunist who doesn't understand (or doesn't want to understand) the damage his actions can do.

      Greg goes home each evening to do his chores -- and take blood from his animal, but Eggie doesn't know about that. Didn't know about that, although we're sure he guesses at it after this incident.

      Easiest thing, if you don't want to miss updates, is to hit that little thumbtack icon and add this journal to your alerts list. You'll get an email whenever we post something new.

      We really appreciate all the feedback. :-) Many thanks. And yes, we miss Wilson too -- but this back story is relevant to the way House interacts with his new ... whatever the heck Wilson is.
      • The funny thing is I do have you added to my alerts list but for some reason it alerts my old e-mail address and not my new one. I did change my profile e-mail on live journal and get alerts at my new e-mail address. Your entry is the only one going to my old e-mail address? I'll hit the thumb tack though. Now you have to update so I can see if it now works. :) Let's hope so. I've tried everything else.

        So Greg does go back to do chores? He does see his family? I figured that was a ruse. I thought that was why he was at Eggie's so much. I did realize he was going off to feed.

        I know this side story is important to the story and I am loving it. I also know you know I miss Wilson. Heck, we all do. LOL I don't even know why I mentioned it. :D

  • Shiny! I'm delurking to come by and tell you what a fucking amazing story this is turning out to be. I can't get enough of this, and it takes something pretty special to make me read AU. I know you probably get this all the time, because you're so damn awesome, but seriously- this story is So. Damn. Awesome.
    • *grins*

      You have just made the evening of at least one of the Collective.

      I must share this with the others now, and make them smile too.

      We suspect that our slow posting schedule with this ficverse has cost us a lot of readers, so every time a new person delurks we are so glad to know someone's still out there. It's really encouraging, and we very much appreciate it.
      • (Anonymous)
        I don't think cost is quite the right word. It may be that they're waiting for the conclusion so they can read it all at once. I know I tried to do that but, what can I say, I keep checking back here like a crack monkey hoping for my fix.

        • Waiting for an actual "conclusion" is perhaps counterproductive. There will be conclusions to specific story arcs but the ficverse is ever-expanding. We can't seem to stop ourselves.

          We're glad you're here, and we've been drafting the end of Part Four tonight, so that should be live not later than Friday evening. Tomorrow, if we can manage it.
  • *sighs*
    I was expecting the fallout. I want to hug young!House - it will never seem natural to me to call him Greg ;) - right now.
    Poor guy, he never got love/affection/friendship without conditions... before meeting Wilson.
    • Yeah, we want to hug him too, and it is indeed strange to write "Greg," but that was then.

      never got love/affection/friendship without conditions

      House in canon seems to be bound to Wilson for that reason, feeling as if Wilson's the only person in his life (other than his mom, I suppose) who just loves him, no matter what he does. He's probably wrong about that; Cuddy and about half of House's fellows seem to love him pretty much unconditionally. Yet somehow it's Wilson's approval and acceptance he really craves, and the reasons for that, in this ficverse, are going to be a lot of fun to explore.
  • God, I LOOOOVE you guys.
    I (finally) finished rereading Bad Company, and now this! I might have to reread this verse up to this point though, just because I'm not sure I'm entirely clear on the precise events anymore.
    I've got a question though.
    Why is this under 'mystery' at Sick!Wilson? Is the mystery forthcoming or is it mysterious because Wilson doesn't seem sick at all? I won't complain about it, because that's where I go to check if you have updated, but it's curious, to quote Mr. Ollivander.
    Eggie is such a great character, creepy sleaze that he is.
    I love this backstory, but I also can't wait to get back to the present. So basically, I'm happy no matter what you write!
    • *grins*

      It's under "mystery" primarily because we didn't want to spoil new readers re: the nature of symbiosis and the medical crisis that results when Wilson goes without his dose for too long.

      Wilson won't get hurt or ill in every story arc in this universe, but since we began posting here, we've kept up with it. We'll probably tag some arcs with other tags, such as "beat up" or "plague" or whatever it is that Nightdog does to him happens in that part of the story.

      Thanks so much for letting us know you're out there reading. It's very encouraging, particularly with these long stories where we can't easily tell if anyone is still with us.
  • I love this backstory. Amazing. I wonder what House will do if Eggie sets his sights on Wilson, I mean his hands.
    • Hi hi!

      We've been working on the end of Part Four of this tonight. It's going slower than we'd like, but it is going well, and should be up on Monday. We find that most of our readers seem to read while goofing off at work, and who are we to deprive them of that luxury?
  • Poor House he really has been alone so much of his life and a lot of it because of his self perceptions that he is unlovable. Makes you wonder if something similar happened to him in the show verse as well.

    I get the feeling that Eggie can be a real danger to House.

    Great update.
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