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Bad Company

The Illustrated Vampverse



The Illustrated Vampverse

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pulsar nebula
We at the Collective have begun collecting and creating some images for Distress Call.  This post will be the first of several, and we will link them all in our Big Post for this ficverse.

Three views of a sorel. 

Sorels are domesticated deer and have been bred for thousands of years by haemovores. These are the animals most commonly kept by House's people as sources of blood.  House had two or three of these on board the Medusa, but his animals did not survive the crash. 

Sorels range widely in size, color, and temperament, with many different breeds just as in any domesticated animal. The dryland sorel pictured here is the type House owned. Drylands have a very short, fine coat of hair and are known as one of the more intelligent breeds.

Drawings by Mare.  Click images to enlarge.

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    • When these were first done and we posted them for some of our first-readers, we got a lot of "Oh, I WANT ONE" responses, so you're not alone there.

      They really are nice animals.
  • I don't know if I can say this truthfully, or if... I don't know, but I swear that this is what I imagined a sorel to be. Or maybe I'm imagining it. Kind of camel-ish with the lips and nose, yeah? And I think of Shrek with the ears. :)
    • Yeah, they have a soft nose like a ... we thought "llama" rather than "camel," probably because sorels are more like llamas in size, but yes. Similar, in that it's soft and mobile and not hard like a whitetail deer's nose.

      If this is what you imagined, that makes me happy because it means we wrote it well enough to get the idea across. :-)
  • how cute. It shows they really are good-natured animals. :)
  • As has been said, I do see a lot of llama in the sorels. Although vicuñas might be closer in terms of body shape, there's that split lip, the near-rabbit ears, and the very aware eyes.
    • *smiles*

      That lip isn't so much split as deeply creased, but otherwise, yep, very similar.

      And there are people who call sorels "rabbit deer" because of their ears, which have that shape and also a very wide range of motion.
  • Awwww. Do they like to snuggle?

    I get the camel and the llama, but I actually see deer, especially in that last drawing.
    • Like other animals (and people) some individuals are snuggly, others less so.

      We've written a chapter already where you'll see more of their nature. It's not part of this arc, but it's waiting.

      These animals are a kind of deer, and yes, that's most evident from the face-on view. Their convex facial profile makes them look more llama-like from the side.
      • I'm way too excited for that chapter :)

        And now I have been inspired to go watch that llama-song-video thing on youtube. That website has prevented me from doing endless numbers of important things. *sigh*
        • Lovely drawings the artist is quite talented. These are exactly what I pictured too.
          • Hi! blackmare here, logged in as the Collective (because we are working on this story tonight) and I just found this comment. Thank you so much! The drawings are mine; I'm an artist by trade. It was really fun to design the sorel and I hope to do more illustrations for this ficverse.
  • Oh my goodness, these sketches are goregous. It would be a testament to your writing then, that this is exactly how I pictured them, including your descriptions of very short, fine hair.

    Aside from the above, I curiously pictured the one Norian put down as jet black and probably small in terms of size (head about stomach/general abdomen height) despite the descriptions of brown and tall. For the longest time I wondered why that was. It took a lot of introspection for me to recall that a long time ago I used to do a fair amount of horse riding.

    A male foal was born there early one summer, and I don't know if it was because I was the youngest rider there and thus the smallest one or something, but if it wasn't following it's mother around it was following me. Jet black, timid and undersized. We never actually figured out why it took a shine to me, but the owners assumed it was a comfort thing. They ended up calling him Shadow for obvious reasons.

    From a very early age it also had the knack of burying its head against my chest/side or under my left arm so that it couldn't see the rest of its surroundings; never broke out of the habit even in adulthood either. They said maybe he liked the way I smelt. I don't pretend to understand the minds of animals but personally I think he did it because he didn't want to see the rest of the world sometimes. I mean, the light is harsh and unkind, and the dark can be soothing, and he always buried his head so that I'd be covering his eyes.

    Agh... Now I miss him all over again. *dabs eyes* Sorry for rambling. Your pictures bring back memoriiiiiiiesssssssss~~~

    OKay i'll stop rambling now. Brilliant pictures, AWESOME story. You have yourself one new hooked reader! And if your inbox suddenly turns up with loads of new comment alerts one of these days, I apologise, but I like reviewing chapters in older regardless of having read them all, even really old ones that have been up for years sometimes...

    Okay I really am stopping this time. Bye!
    • Oh, you are so sweet!

      In a bit of a rush right now, but we will tell you two things.

      First, though brown is the most common color, there's a pretty wide range. There is such a thing as a black sorel.

      Second, comments on older stories and chapters? We love that. There's no expiration date.

      Thanks for making the Collective smile today.
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