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The Illustrated Vampverse

We at the Collective have begun collecting and creating some images for Distress Call.  This post will be the first of several, and we will link them all in our Big Post for this ficverse.

Three views of a sorel. 

Sorels are domesticated deer and have been bred for thousands of years by haemovores. These are the animals most commonly kept by House's people as sources of blood.  House had two or three of these on board the Medusa, but his animals did not survive the crash. 

Sorels range widely in size, color, and temperament, with many different breeds just as in any domesticated animal. The dryland sorel pictured here is the type House owned. Drylands have a very short, fine coat of hair and are known as one of the more intelligent breeds.

Drawings by Mare.  Click images to enlarge.

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