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Bad Company

Distress Call continues today



Distress Call continues today

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For those of you who've been following our slow-motion work in progress -- first of all, thank you.

We have now got three more chapters dealing with the time immediately after the Silver Bay.  This is a bridge segment between the Silver Bay and their next destination, and the title is Leap in the Dark. We'll post the three chapters today, tomorrow and Thursday.

This universe is under constant construction behind the scenes on our various journals, and while it is taking its time it is very much alive.  We're dedicated to it and want to reassure everyone that it does go on. 

If anyone's out there going, "Distress Call?  What?" -- here's the link to all chapters of this giant and wild AU.

  • yay! I'm so glad I still have email notification turned on for this!
    *waits for the new chapters to appear*
    • We're glad you're still with us!

      It's up -- but since you have email notification, you're probably already reading. :-)
  • Wow, I was just thinking about this story! I was staring into space thinking about various random things, as is my wont, and one of those things was, huh, we haven't seen any Distress Call lately, I wonder what happened to it? And then two days later there it is! It's like magic! *goes to read happily*
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