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Bad Company

Distress Call 2.4: Reality Check



Distress Call 2.4: Reality Check

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alarm clock
TITLE:  Distress Call 2.4: Reality Check
SUMMARY:  The truth really is stranger than fiction.
CHARACTERS: Wilson, House
  R for language and themes (gen fic).
WARNINGS:  This is a very alternate universe. Adult themes and adult language.
DISCLAIMER: Don't own 'em. Never will.
NOTES: The stories from this ficverse are numbered by chapter and scene.  Links to all chapters are here.

Wilson wakes up still sitting in the chair, slumped forward across House's bed.  House's fingers are clawing deep into his shoulder.

"Come ooonnn!" House howls at him, "Hurts, damn it!"

"Okay, okay.  I'm awake."  Wilson pushes himself groggily upright.  "You need, what?  Another nine mil?"

"Minimum," House groans, releasing his grip.  He's getting stronger; Wilson's shoulder will be bruised.  "You could just let me dose myself.  I'm a big boy; I know how."

Wilson doesn't reply, because he's staring at the clinic's monitor.  Those angry red numbers have all turned blue; House's organ functions are in the low eighty-percent range, and slowly rising.

So the blood was necessary, he thinks, and then stops himself.

No.  Impossible.  I dreamed that.  His memories of it feel detached, hazy.  He rubs his face and discovers that the soreness in his jaw is almost gone.  Also, there's a bandage on his left forefinger.  Because I cut it.  On House's fang.  Except, not.  It must have happened in some other way and his exhausted, overstressed brain made up the rest.

While he prepares the syringe, Wilson resists checking his wrist for the marks that won't be there.  Vampires don't exist, and if he's thinking that they do, then he's a lot less sane than he'd realized.

House lies still, panting from the pain, stretching out his arm.  Wilson eases the needle into the vein; images of needle-fine teeth spring unbidden into his mind.

Having given the drug, he sits back down, exhausted even though he's slept.  He swivels in the chair, turning his back on House, allowing him a little privacy while the worst of the pain abates. 

"Talk to me," growls House.  "I need a distraction."

"Got a favorite subject?"

"I don't care.  Anything.  You never shut up any other time.  Why change now?"

"You keep telling me to shut up," Wilson retorts.  "Why should you change now?"  He tries to think of something else, something other than those images of thin, sharp fangs.  It doesn't work.

"I ... had the most bizarre dream while I was out."

"A woman actually wanted you?"

"Very funny.  No, I dreamed about vampires.  Now I can't remember how I really cut my finger."

"Wilson, you ... 'idiot' doesn't cover it, but I'm too drugged to think of something better."

"I said it was bizarre."  Wilson turns around, slowly, to face House again.  Please tell me it wasn't real.  Please.

"I'm a haemovore, not a damn vampire.  That blood must've come straight from your brain."

"Oh God ..."  He's got that dizzy feeling, that this-can't-be-happening sensation, all over again.  At last, he lets himself look at his wrist.  Two tiny pinprick marks lie alongside a short, fading red incision. 

"If you're going to kill me," House says, flatly, "do it now.  It won't get any easier."

"Is there ... a reason I would do that?"  A spidery fear crawls down Wilson's back.

"You people never need a reason," snaps House.  "You just need a gun."

"I had heard ... stories," Wilson replies, quietly.  He catches a flash of surprise that flickers quickly across House's face.  "I never believed it, people killing vampires.  Because, you know, vampires don't exist."

"So you thought it was actually werewolves.  Fairies.  Space ghouls."

"I thought it was one of those ridiculous things people send around the subether.  Their uncle's mistress's daughter's cousin was on Zarquon Five and she saw it all happen.  That's the kind of thing I had heard."

House snorts at him, and Wilson continues.  "If you'd told me there was any truth to it at all, I'd have said it was ... some kind of third-world witch-hunt.  Incite superstitious fear in a mob of people, and then accuse and murder whoever you want.  Humanity is ... known for that sort of behavior."

House doesn't respond.  He lies perfectly still, staring as if Wilson's something utterly alien, a puzzle.  Maybe even something to be taken apart in order to see how it works. 

"House.  If I keep treating you, helping you ... will you hurt me?  Kill me?  Kill someone else once we get to my planet?"

"No, no, and no.  But I promise you'll regret it anyway."

"As long as I live to regret it," Wilson sighs, "that's a chance I'm willing to take."
  • Oh yes, some more pieces unravelling. I take it the human race doesn't take kindly to House's...kind. Sounds like the typical human race. Doesn't understand it so they might as well destroy it.

    The last two lines have me intrigued. I wonder if they're going to meet up with people who don't take kindly to House. Glad that Wilson's willing to take that chance and stick with him.

    Can't wait for more!
  • no, idiot doesn't cover it at all^^
    • idiot doesn't cover it at all

      Oh, let's go easy on poor Wilson. The guy's having an extremely bad (and totally surreal) week; you can hardly blame him for a little uncertainty here.
  • hmmm. So, vampires and haemovori are not the same. I wonder what's the difference.

    "I don't care. Anything. You never shut up any other time. Why change now?"

    "You keep telling me to shut up," Wilson retorts. "Why should you change now?"

    lol. They have known each other for a few hours, and they are already bantering. :)
    • You'll see a lot more of the differences, very soon.

      Mostly, though? Vampires -- those scary supernatural creatures that fly, can't see themselves in the mirror, etc. -- aren't real.

      • (Anonymous)
        And that vampires are undead and created by being bitten by another vampire, while haemovores are born haemovores and, I hope, are very much alive?
        P.S. My previous question still stands, I'm looking forward to learning why a haemovore needs blood when he can eat.
  • Incite superstitious fear in a mob of people, and then accuse and murder whoever you want. House is talking about genocide. No wonder he's warning Wilson not to wait if he decides to kill him.

    (I see new nuances from this series every time a piece goes live. It's such a fabulous story and such great writing.)

    • House is talking about genocide.

      Actually, Wilson is, right then, but yeah. That's exactly what he's talking about, and you'll notice that House doesn't argue.

      And House has -- as you would well know -- a number of reasons for saying that "it won't get any easier" to kill him. Heh.

      There's some more of this that I want to work on this evening, so if you're around, I'd adore a bit of input.
  • I love this chapter so much. House is so House and Wilson bless his heart, totally befuddled and scared. Will we get another chapter tomorrow. Please......................
  • This is my favorite chapter so far.

    I really like the subtle clues from the last one -- for example, House's species and the world he comes from -- the comment about having a slave boy around to steal blood from, the hint about a haemovore genocide (parallels show!Wilson's Jewish roots), and Wilson's doubts about House's so called "vampirism".

    In this chapter, I feel like Wilson is more vulnerable than House -- House exudes power because he represents the unknown, whereas Wilson is still trying to get a grip on his situation. I feel bad because he has so much hope that someone will find them, or that they'll at least be able to get back to civilization. I find it interesting that House didn't mock or address Wilson's comment: "...Kill someone else once we get to my planet..."

    I also appreciate how much closer to character Wilson is in this chapter (and the last one). There are times when I literally envision RSL's mannerisms and imagine him speaking your words.

    I really wish this chapter was combined with the last one; they feel as if they go hand in hand -- so complimentary to each other. I find this story enjoyable. I'm curious as to how the idea came about. Do you all sit around and talk about it? Did it just happen and you each write different parts?
    • D'oh!

      *Edit* I find this story SO enjoyable.

      I re-read it after I posted and I was like, duhhh; they already know I like it. But yeah. There's my reiteration. haha.
    • We didn't talk about it. Perspi had just written The Longest Weekend, which contained a line in which Wilson said that House was his vampire.

      One of us started thinking that if House was a vampire, he'd be a "real life" version, a perfectly natural, rather than supernatural, creature. That one began writing, and it took off, and here we are.

  • Wow. That was funny, and sad, and deep all at once.
  • This just makes me want to hug someone. Namely Wilson.
    What he is willing to put up with for a little company ^_^

    This is one of the highlights of my flist :D
    • for a little company

      And, you know, because he's a) a doctor and b) Wilson. It simply isn't in his nature to allow someone to die when he has the power to prevent it.
  • (no subject) -
  • "If you're going to kill me," House says, flatly, "do it now. It won't get any easier."

    This makes me wonder just how strong a healthy House might become? Will their friendship be solidified by House somehow saving Wilson through feats of superhuman strength? If humans tried to wipe out the haemovores and did not completely succeed, could this be because of some (physical?) advantage the haemovores have?

    Incite superstitious fear in a mob of people, and then accuse and murder whoever you want.

    I love that line. And fear it. I live in 21st century America, after all......

    I am eagerly waiting to see if Wilson has any regrets......
    • *grins*

      There are a couple reasons why it won't get any easier for Wilson to kill House. But we're not telling you what they are. Yet.

      If you look very, very closely at the scene of the first bite, you just might guess at one thing House hasn't mentioned yet.

  • la la la la de da mmmm ....mmm . . just waiting for the next chapter. Trying to be patient and dignified but it's not working :(
  • Hmmm, if House isn't going to hurt Wilson than why is House so convinced that Wilson will regret not killing him?

    Could it be because of this "Maybe even something to be taken apart in order to see how it works. "?

    Very interesting, my dears.
    • why is House so convinced that Wilson will regret not killing him?

      *chuckles wickedly*

      We'd tell you, but that would spoil all our fun.
  • OMG, I love this story so much I had to go back and read it again. I'm so happy you are bringing it back like the long summer hiatus we had of 4 months before House came back.

    Of course, I now understand this so much better. You really did such a great job of releasing tiny bits of information at a time. Don't know why I didn't comment the first time around but I really love the last comment of Wilson's. "As long as I live to regret it." What a great line. The emphasis on the Live! Love it!
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