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Bad Company

Distress Call: The Big Post



Distress Call: The Big Post

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galaxy 2
This is a post for the links to all the segments of the Distress Call universe. Now includes illustrations.

We'll be adding links as we post new chapters.

1.1:  Lost and Found

1.2: Safe

2.1: Side Effects

2.2: Two Deals With the Devil

2.3: A Broken Boundary

2.4: Reality Check

2.5: Dinner and a Show

2.6: No Prince Charming

2.7: A Moment's Peace

3.1: Minor Details

3.2: Kept in the Dark

3.3:  Clean

3.4:  Anomalies

3.5: Sabotage

4.1: What Lurks in the Dark

4.2: Consequences

4.3: Caught

Distress Call Part Two: The Silver Bay

1.1 Strange Species

1.2: Curiouser and Curiouser

1.3: Pawns

1.4: Deceptive Coloration

1.5: Meanwhile, Just Down the Hall ...

1.6: Source Animal

2.1: Source Animal, Part Two

2.2: Better

2.3: Collision Course

2.4: Necessities

Interlude: Sleeping Beauty

2.5: Repairs

Interlude: Alton Jerome

2.6: Twenty Days

Distress Call Part Three: Leap in the Dark

1.1: Callie

1.2: The Night Before

1.3: Crash

1.4: Exeter Prime

Distress Call Part Four: Honest Eggie

1.1 Honest Eggie

1.2: Eggie Wins Friends and Influences People

1.3: Full Throttle

1.4: A Night at the General Store

1.5: Ancient History, Part One

1.6: Ancient History, Part Two

Illustrations for Distress Call: Three Views of a Sorel

1.7: Ancient History, Part Three

1.8: Ancient History, Part Four

1.9 Rendevous


Distress Call Part Five: Evo Krater

1.1: New Hires

1.2 Scavenger Hunt

1.3 Krater

1.4 Rock and A Hard Place

1.5 Natan

1.6 New Morning

1.7 Natural Consequences

1.8 Amnesty

1.9 Departures

2.1 Screwed

2.2 Geosynchronous Orbit

Distress Call Part Three: Cierros

3.0  Numbskull Nine (Like a Complete Unknown)

3.1 The Cierros Transgression

3.2 The Cierros Transgression, Ch. 2

3.3 The Cierros Transgression, Ch. 3

3.4 The Cierros Transgression, Ch. 4

3.5 The Cierros Transgression, Ch. 5

3.6 The Cierros Transgression, Ch. 6

3.7 Pentimento

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the universe:

-- in which Robert Chase's whole life vanishes in a day.

Distress Call part four: Bradbury Station

4.1 Bradbury Station, Chapter 1

4.2 Interlude: Black Sorel

4.3 The Stalking Game


  • (no subject) -
    • Yeah, things are all right. We're just a bit behind schedule, and we're actually in the middle of writing Ch. 3.5.

      If it goes well and quickly we may have it up sometime this evening.

  • (Anonymous)
    Please, please, please post. Wilson and I are addicted and need our fix now......
    • Hi there. We apologize; the season 4 finale knocked all of us sideways, hard, and we've had to deal with the mental fallout from that. We're about to return to this ficverse, though, so please don't give up on us.

      We know precisely where this story is going, and just have to rewrite some connecting bits that got changed as we expanded the original material we had.

  • hi guys! I'm just checking in to ask if everything is okay with you (but, judging from the previous answers, it should be, thankfully) and to say that I'm very much looking forward to reading another part of this.
    However, I do understand that RL issues can sometimes get in the way. But, just to let you know, you have a few hungry fans out here. ;)
    • Greetings!

      As it happens, we hashed out a final revision for Ch. 4.2 last night, and you'll be seeing it in ... oh, another hour or so. :-)

      Thanks for the query; it's encouraging to know that we've not been forgotten during our "hiatus."

      Oh, and we've also been continuing to write future pieces of this, even while temporarily stalled on the current ones.
  • (Anonymous)
    Cant wait for the next chapters. It´s an amazing story
    • Hi there! We're working on it. Tonight, in fact, we're working on it. Hope to have more for you very soon.

  • Hello authors,

    I'm a longtime stalker fan of your work, but since I never use my LJ account I don't comment often. I just wanted to say you guys are amazingly talented, I can't believe four different people can create such a seamless story. If you don't mind me asking, are any of you professional authors?
    Anyway, bravo for creating an AU vampire fic that manages to be completely canon, without distorting any of the tv character's personalities. Before this story I would have bet that was impossible.
    Just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying following this and that I'm sitting sentry by my computer hitting refresh every eight seconds eagerly awaiting your next chapters. :o)
    • Hi there! Nope, none of us are professional writers, but we like to think that we care as much about our stories as if we were.

      Glad you're enjoying this ride. It's taking us a lot longer than Aftershocks did, because the universe involved is SO huge. The next few chapters are on the drafting board, and we hope to have the next installment up in a day or two, so do hang in there.

      You can probably give the refresh button a rest until tomorrow evening at least; it'll help if you put this journal on your "alerts" list so you'll get an email when we put up a fresh chapter.

      Thanks so much for coming out of lurk-mode to say hello. As the original creator of the Distress Call universe, I didn't imagine many other people would be willing to follow me there, so it's wonderfully rewarding to hear from people who are reading. :-)

  • Hey, missing your story. Any hope for an update soon?
  • YAY!

    Yay!! I'm so excited to see an update, I'm bouncing in my seat as I type.
    BUT I can't open 1.6 Source Animal! The link is there but when I click on it it says I don't have access to the page. Oh woe is me! Do you have any idea what I can do about this?
    Thanks for the update!
    • Re: YAY!

      Thanks for letting us know about the glitch. We had it accidentally linked to one of our locked drafts instead of to the public post. Fixed now!

      Meanwhile, you can find any chapter just by scrolling through the entries on this LJ page. It's all right here; the links are just a convenient way to keep track of it all.

      So glad you're enjoying the ride. :-)
  • Help I am in withdrawal. Please tell you are going to update soon.;)
    • We're trying, we really are. However, one of us is on vacation sans computer this week and another two are neck-deep in RL work issues of critical importance.

      But we're all deeply entwined in this ficverse and it's not as stagnant as it appears. Hang in there; we're hoping to have the next two segments up in ten days or so.
  • just popping in... any news about new chapters coming up?

    don't want to bother you... I'm just in withdrawal. ;)
    • Hi there!

      You are totally allowed to bother us, and the answer is a resounding YES.

      We have finished:


      A gorgeous little Interlude piece one of us wrote


      And we are drafting:

      Another interlude piece by that same one of us

      2.6, in which they end their time aboard the Silver Bay.

      So, lots of good stuff coming up, possibly starting later today with 2.4, which has been in final quality control stages.
  • Ah I've devoured all of your writing in the past 3 days and it's all been fantastic. I admit when House had the teeth that scene I groaned and said OMG not just space but vampires in space but you really have a compelling story that I'm eagerly awaiting part 3 of :) thanks for taking something that sounds like a horrible idea nad making it fascinating to read :D
    • Hi!

      We are working on this pretty steadily -- it's a huge ficverse and we've written more than you can imagine -- but it's slow going. There will definitely be more.

      It really was an atrocious idea, wasn't it? :-) I'm glad you found it compelling enough to keep reading. When the Collective says "WILDLY AU," we mean it.

      Thanks so much for dropping us a line. It's very encouraging.
  • Oh oh oh, I loved this! At first I wasn't sure I was going to read it(and now I'm re-reading it for the third time. ^ ^;;). I mean, vampires? In space? ...Um...yeeeeeah. But I am SO glad I did! You guys not only made it work, but you made it work while keeping House and Wilson...well, HOUSE and WILSON. And I absolutely adore Alton, De Santos, and Norian(I liked it when Alton called Norian 'Nori'. I don't know, it just made me go 'Hee!'). Normally I'm not big on OC's either, but these guys are so varied and have realistic personalities! *happy sigh* Is Chase and the other ducklings going to show up? I'm hoping so because I'd like to see this worlds version of them.

    I can't wait for the update! I check back about once a day(although I have to admit that I only read it 3 days ago. So its not like I've been waiting that long...^ ^;;;) to see if you've updated it. I'm kinda glad you're waiting to post when part 3 is almost complete because I don't want to have to wait a whole day between chapters. XD
    • Hi! We're so happy to hear from you.

      We are working on the next story arc, though it is going pretty slow. When we post again we'll be posting a chapter at a time 'til that part of our tale is done, then taking a break while we write the next series of chapters.

      This ficverse is huge. We've written an amazing amount of stuff for it already, future chapters, but it's going to take a long time to get there.

      Eventually we do plan to introduce a few of the other supporting characters, but that's all we can tell you for now.

      In a universe this large, OCs are absolutely unavoidable. Our boys have to interact with people, after all. So you can expect a lot more of them, in all shapes and sizes and levels of morality. Heh.

      Thanks for letting us know you're reading. It really is helpful. :-)
  • (Anonymous)
    Hi there! I'm not trying to be pushy but I was wondering if you had any general idea when the next update might happen? I really like this story and I'm looking forward to reading more. :-)
    • Hi! It's not being pushy, trust me; we love to hear that the tale hasn't been forgotten.

      We're in the middle of figuring out the workings of the next arc, which involves a rather unusual patient for them to treat. :-) I wish I could say how long it's going to take, but I can assure you there's a lot going on behind the scenes on our various journals as we are continuing to draft it. And notes from readers only serve as encouragement, so thank you.
  • Okay, this is how totally awesome I think you guys are. I went and bought a Kindle 2 just so I can have "Aftershocks" and "Distress Call" on tap whenever I wanted them. Really! Creepy, weird, and a little sick I know but I truly cannot get enough of these fantastic stories and the writing style.

    If it is okay with you ladies I wouldn't mind sharing my converted files with anyone else who has a Kindle. I still want to do a little tweaking to the original PDF file of "Aftershocks" (adding an appendix with the comments because many of the comments and discussions just add to the story) but I currently have both converted to .prc file as they are. I provide an updated version when I am finished tweaking (still learning the conversion software that allows me to tweak the PDF).

    Obviously "Distress Call is incomplete but I will definitely be updating the file each time you guys update the story.

    Hope all is well and time and RL has permitted you to continue with the story. I patiently await the next updates.

    Thank you for sharing your talents!
  • Guh... *tiny voice* I just friended you guys right there because I discovered your stories about 2 hours ago, read through most of them when I should have been doing lab work, and now feel the need to know when you update these wonderful stories. :D

    Hope you don't mind. And sorry for this short message but I need to go start analysing data before someone notices my graphs haven't changed in the past 2 hours. :P

    More soon! Adieu for now.
    • Greetings! You certainly brightened our morning. Thank you so much for dropping us a note.

      We are working on more of this ficverse, and adding us to your friends page is a great way to keep up with it. We're afraid this thing has a very irregular schedule ... because it keeps getting bigger as we write.

      While Distress Call is a giant work in progress, our first Big Project, Aftershocks, is completed. You might enjoy that, too. But ... don't get yourself in trouble at work.


  • (Anonymous)
    Damn I don't know how it happened but I lissed your entry on AH 1, I love this universe. And this is saying something since I was madly in love with Aftershocks. So am I to understand, Eggie knew House as a teenager or is it just wishful thinking on my part.

    Your writing is so vivid. It's like I'm right there with the characters. I mean when Greg tumbled and rolled in the dirt, I could see and feel it. I cannot wait for the next update. I am so excited :))))
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