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Bad Company

A New Ficverse from the Collective



A New Ficverse from the Collective

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UPDATED 4/21/08.

Yes, we're at it again.

We've just begun posting Distress Call.  This is a brand new -- not related to Aftershocks -- ficverse from your friendly Black Cigarette Collective.

This thing is very large, very AU, and we started it back when we were still writing Aftershocks

Our schedule for Distress Call will be very loose.  Look for a posting schedule more like the one nightdog_barks has used for her Annals series -- a cohesive set of stories, but they're going to take a while to write.  We have found them worth the wait, and we hope you will too.
  • OMG! *flails*

    You'll make my monday much better than usual! :)
    • We're doing some editing on the first three scenes right now.


      We'd post immediately, really we would, but we've learned that most of our readers seem to find our stories while they're supposed to be working on the weekdays.

  • YAH!
    • About time, isn't it?

      We've just done a little cleanup & tweaking of 1.1 through 1.3, which are posted here, locked for the First Readers list.

      If you see anything that goes *thunk*, please to be telling us over the weekend. :-)
  • Yayyyyy!!!!! :D
  • (Anonymous)
    Is it sick Wilson?
  • What's better than House/Wilson? House/Wilson in space!
    I thought you'd given me all my favorite things in "Aftershocks" but you found my box of favorite, favorite things and went rummaging.
    How I adore you, Collective!
    • Hm. Perhaps the next part we dug out was also in your Box of Favorite Stuff.

      Or perhaps you'll take one good look at our Killer Mutant Plotbunny of Doom and scream, "Run away! Run away!"

      We'll know soon enough.

  • I'm a little late to the party but OMG!!! I am so excited about all the chapters I've read so far. I hope this ficverse is extremely large so it can carry me through the House summer hiatus. Every chapter is an absolute delight. Thank you all :)
    • I hope this ficverse is extremely large

      Heh. You have no idea. It is scary huge.
      • Thank you!!! It means I will have H/W prose to get me through the summer hiatus. Perfect.
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