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Bad Company

The Aftershocks PDF is Here!



The Aftershocks PDF is Here!

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horse race
For those of you who've been waiting so patiently -- the PDF of the whole Bad Company and Aftershocks story is ready!

Aftershocks: The PDF. (1 MB)

Please right-click and "Save As" to preserve bandwidth for other readers.

If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can get it for free here.

The text in the PDF can be easily copied and pasted into other programs for anyone who prefers to read in other formats or who wants to print the story on paper sizes other than 8.5x11".

Our undying gratitude and awe go to bironic for creating the PDF and making it available for download; it never would have happened without her and we grovel gratefully at her technologically superior feet.
  • Ah, what a great holiday treat to have the whole thing in one lovely edition. Thanks to all!
  • Christmas came early this year. You all are just made of awesomeness. Thank you so much. We've had a our firts winter snowstorm here. I plan to build a fire and sit in one of my big overstuffed chairs with a cup of hot chocollate with a marshmallow and read the entire novella again. All love to you.
  • *stands up to lead the applause*

    Take a bow, ladies. This is an incredible accomplishment, and that such a complex, often heart-wrenching story was seamlessly crafted by four different authors is simply amazing.

    And bironic deserves roses and kisses for turning this novel into an easy-to-use document.

  • You guys = awesome.

    I love how the PDF is so well-put together and presented, too. I applaud your brilliance =)
    • The gorgeous PDF is entirely the work of bironic.

      Please proceed to throw roses in her general direction, because when someone asked for a PDF? We, the Collective, went, "Huh? But ... but ... we don't know how to do that!"

      And Bironic galloped valiantly to our rescue. Every scrap of work putting the PDF together and getting it online was hers.
  • 338 pages!! Wow!! And every page is a masterpiece! I was going to say this is one of the best fic I've read but maybe book would be a better description *g*

    Thank you so much for this!
  • Thank you bironic and all of the writers involved! I got hooked on this from the start but kept forgetting what chapter I was on and would start over (not a bad thing at all, but I did want to know what happened next!) Thank you for gathering it up as a PDF-- looking forward to reading the rest!
  • Thank you!
  • Wow.. I can't thank you all enough first for the INCREDIBLE story, and now for the PDF so I can read it all in one sitting without losing my place. My mind, however, is another story....

    Kudos to all involved in this!!!
  • OMG! That was awesome. I read the whole thing in four days. I couldn't stop reading it. Never even guessed that the chapters were written by different people. There should definitely be more stories like this in the world. Wonderful job.
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