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Bad Company

Aftershocks art: Martin Grey.



Aftershocks art: Martin Grey.

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Charcoal sketch by blackmare_9.  Approximately 11 x 14".  Click to enlarge, as always.

If you're curious and would like to see more of the process and the source image for this, it's here:

Martin at Mare's Journal
  • Just leaving a comment so I can get a specific link for the comms.

  • (no subject) -
    • He looks like Daniel Craig because ... he pretty much is.


      Nightdog said that Martin looked like Mr. Craig, so I used a shot of him as a model for this drawing, and simply changed a little of the facial structure (mostly by making his face a bit taller and more narrow) and eye shape/expression. I always do what Nightdog tells me.

      You can see the work in progress on my LJ page.
  • Yeah, as softie said, he looks like Daniel Craig, only muuuuuch creepier.... It's the look in his eye... *shudder*
  • LOL. Played by Daniel Craig. I knew it.

    Doesn't look all that overmuch like House, blue eyes aside...
  • I can just imagine Martin, when he was younger and his face would naturally have been softer, but still having those cold, cold eyes. *shivers*
  • Everyone's already said it, but I saw that and immediately thought, "Martin looks like Bond, James Bond Daniel Craig!" Lovely art, by the way, even though I'm thoroughly creeped out. Now there's a face for my nightmares.
  • Gah, just how I imagined him (as Bond, apparently). This is awesome, thanks.
  • I'm not really sure how I pictured Martin, but after seeing this drawing, Yes, that's him.

    Also...I had a dream last week that you guys had written more to this series *shakes head*
    • I had a dream last week that you guys had written more to this series


      There's still some DVD Extras coming, evila_elf. Maybe that's what you were dreaming about?
  • Very Daniel Craig, and also almost exactly how I pictured him.
  • You must have a direct line to my BRAIN. That's a perfect Martin.

    Unfortunately, I also think Daniel Craig is a very attractive guy, so my brain is fizzling out now because finding Martin Grey attractive is disturbing. Ergh.

    Anyhow, it's a brilliant drawing. You're very talented, blackmare.
    • Heh, yes, Martin is unfortunately a very attractive man. It's one of the things that makes him so frightening, and adds to the charm that eases his way in the world.

      Everyone adores him, until they find out who he really is -- but most people, fortunately, never know.
  • (Anonymous)
    Great drawing. And it fits the character very well. Craig is one of those guys who can be incredibly, intensively attractive if they want to, but are not usually so. It seems like he has a light switch to put the charm on, and off again, very much like I imagine Martin Grey to be. House would not have been so fascinated if Grey did not have that attractive quality. And he was probably unconsciously drawn to his ability to manipulate those around him, too. After all, Wilson is a master manipulator as well.

    Looking forward to those "leftovers" :-)
  • This face will haunt me in my dreams.
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