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Greetings from the Black_Cigarette Collective

An Update

So here we are!

After many months of work and a hundred chapters, we've posted the final installment of Aftershocks.

We are exhausted, dizzy, giddy, a bit sad, all sorts of things at once.  We're also getting the same questions from a lot of different readers, so we've chosen to answer the ones we're hearing most often. 

1.  Yes, 61.1: Win, Lose or Draw is the last chapter of Aftershocks.

2.  But then again, we have three Epilogue pieces planned, which will go up in approximately seven to ten days.  They're still being finished and refined.  We will let you know when we've got a firm schedule for posting them.

3.  There will be a downloadable PDF file of this story.  It is already in the works, thanks to one of our fabulous readers whom we will shower with praise at the proper time.  We'll let you know as soon as it's available. 

4.  Yes, there will be a few "DVD extras" yet to come.  We've got some scenes which simply didn't fit with the main flow of the story, but were too good to leave on the cutting room floor.  We'll post those at some time after the Epilogues go up. 

5.  Yes, we are going to reveal Who Wrote What.  We'll do that post, and a lot of Q & A and behind-the-scenes stuff, after the Epilogues go up.

We highly recommend, if you don't want to miss anything, that you put our LJ page on your alerts list
so that you'll know when we make new posts.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who's been following this monster of a story.

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