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Bad Company

Greetings from the Black_Cigarette Collective



Greetings from the Black_Cigarette Collective

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An Update

So here we are!

After many months of work and a hundred chapters, we've posted the final installment of Aftershocks.

We are exhausted, dizzy, giddy, a bit sad, all sorts of things at once.  We're also getting the same questions from a lot of different readers, so we've chosen to answer the ones we're hearing most often. 

1.  Yes, 61.1: Win, Lose or Draw is the last chapter of Aftershocks.

2.  But then again, we have three Epilogue pieces planned, which will go up in approximately seven to ten days.  They're still being finished and refined.  We will let you know when we've got a firm schedule for posting them.

3.  There will be a downloadable PDF file of this story.  It is already in the works, thanks to one of our fabulous readers whom we will shower with praise at the proper time.  We'll let you know as soon as it's available. 

4.  Yes, there will be a few "DVD extras" yet to come.  We've got some scenes which simply didn't fit with the main flow of the story, but were too good to leave on the cutting room floor.  We'll post those at some time after the Epilogues go up. 

5.  Yes, we are going to reveal Who Wrote What.  We'll do that post, and a lot of Q & A and behind-the-scenes stuff, after the Epilogues go up.

We highly recommend, if you don't want to miss anything, that you put our LJ page on your alerts list
so that you'll know when we make new posts.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who's been following this monster of a story.

  • Thank you! This will be seriously appreciated :)

    The PDF is a great idea! Since I went through a period of dodgy net connection I've saved my favourite fics as PDFs so they're always there for me when I can't get to my mem'd fics.
  • Thank you! so much. Aftershocks is really both a literary work and an experience. I am very happy there is more to come - the epilogues, the little fic side trails, information on who wrote what and the Q&A.

    I love you all!! Aftershocks has been made of total awesomeness. A pdf copy means that I can read it again and gain without going to different links. Can't wait til it comes out!!!!
  • Yes, 61.1: Win, Lose or Draw is the last chapter of Aftershocks.


    That's my initial response, but I think you deserve a rest.
    • A REST!? Hah..

      5 would get you 10 that at least ONE of the collective is already writing something new..something that was just lurking behind the curtain, waiting for the Final Act to be completed.

      Well, Collective of Geniuses, am I write? (er...right?)

      • There's nothing (that I know of) lurking for this ficverse, other than the Epilogue pieces and the DVD extras that we've already mentioned.

        If by "something new" you mean something entirely new and not Aftershocks related --

        -- in that case I'm going to shut up before I get myself in trouble.
    • *grins*

      Ah, we love you, Sheepie. We do.

      Which is why we're going to send you off with your very own copy of the Aftershocks home game, and a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni! The San Francisco treat!

      Oh, wait. You're Australian; you wouldn't know (lucky you) about consolation prizes of boxed chemically-flavored grain products.

      So instead, we'll ... get that .pdf file up as soon as we can, and share our ibuprofen to help ease the pain, because the House writer monkeys already guzzled the absinthe and all the Ny-Quil, when the absinthe ran out.
  • I put you on my alerts list back with the very first snippet of this epic.

  • PDF? Is a text-only complete version at all a possibility?

    ...'Cause, if I get a text-only version I can cut and paste it to my PDA for easier reading...
    • We of the Collective are technologically challenged. We're relying on a wonderful friend of ours to do the .pdf (which is coming along very nicely).

      No one else has asked for a "text-only version" and to be honest, we don't even know what format that would mean, let alone how to do it. We can tell you that the .pdf will be much text and few graphics, if that's your concern. It will likely be very easy to cut and paste -- much easier than doing it from our LJ page.
      • A text version usually means a word doc. A pdf. can be cut and pasted into a word doc. Just select page, open a new word doc. and paste.
  • wow. cool. still out of it from reading last chapter. cannot wait 7-10 days. will go bang head on desk now, goodbye.

    thank you for posting this wonderful story.
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