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Bad Company

Aftershocks 53.1: Reconstruction, Part Two



Aftershocks 53.1: Reconstruction, Part Two

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Grass blade
TITLE: Aftershocks: A Story in Shattered Pieces
SUMMARY: Once upon a time ...
CHARACTERS: Wilson, House
R for language and themes (gen fic).
WARNINGS: Details the aftermath of events in Bad Company, a rough, violent story. Aftermath isn't always pretty; may distress some readers. Adult themes and adult language.
DISCLAIMER: Don't own 'em. Never will.
NOTES: The pieces of this shattered story are numbered. The first number signifies the number of days that have elapsed since the original event in Bad Company; the second number signifies when the fic occurs during that day.

  • I found myself holding my breath while House was talking...afraid to distrub his 'story.' After all the waiting to find out what really happened between House and Martin, I started to dread it as House started to tell it.

    "I loved him," House says, and Wilson's not about to ask who. Martin, Chris, or Wilson himself, what does it matter?
    It really doesn't matter. But I would say he loved Martin, as a brother, until that moment, then found himself kinda alone and lost since Martin had been so close to him. Now Wilson is finally replacing the brother that he had lost...

    4am, I need sleep, but I don't think I can think about anything else.
    Brilliant piece, as always you guys!
  • (Anonymous)
    I have no word to describe how much I love this whole story, and this chapter really is most beautifully done, totally feacible and incredibly moving.

    No words. Wow, I will be missing this when it is all finished.
  • Oh, mercy. Even though I saw bits of this in progress, I still wanted to go rock in the corner when House finally breaks down. That's beautiful and powerful and it really opens the door on why House doesn't let very many people into his life.

    I love the line about "that's what real brothers are supposed to do." It's something Wilson knows on a level House hasn't experienced, and it's just perfect.
  • ... *speechless*

    Oh, dear. They're stumbling, well into their way to falling apart - pathetic middle-aged men whose lives didn't correspond to their expectations, or their potential, or whatever other crap people set standards by, and then. They get sloshed so as to be able to talk about important, character-defining, life-altering things, and there's some relief to be found in their shared cluelessness about how to deal with it, or how to cope with existence in general.

    And waffles aren't really an answer to anything, but they're quite fabulous, so things might just be betther than bearable for a while.

    I love it that House honestly detests the idea that Wilson might be doing to him what he does to his wives, and to everyone else: be condescending, but never true. He knows Wilson so well, and he is terribly sorry.

    You guys are genius at writing how naturally Wilson, Apparently Normal and Rather Decent Role-Model Extraordinaire, comes to House for advice on how to handle things when it gets rough. In a way, he acknowledges that House has often been through a bad patch and validates his response to all of it. He genuinely respects House, on a personal level, and we all know how much that's worth for our favourite grumpy doctor :]

    To sum it up, *claps enthusiastically* bravo!!!
    • Thank you.

      This chapter? Was ... interesting to write, because as you point out so well, there's so much going on between them.

      well into their way to falling apart

      Well, yes -- but also putting themselves back together. Neither one will ever be the same person they were before all this happened, but it's not totally hopeless either.

      It was quite compelling for us to watch them do whatever they had to do -- including using alcohol as a facilitator -- in order to connect with one another, talk to one another.
  • I've been reading this for awhile now, but never really left any comments (I know, I'm a dumbass)
    but daaaaaaamn; you deserve them. I love your style of writing, and if you ever publish something I'll definitely buy it!

    However, I was just wondering; the medical aspect of this series sounds really accurate (I say "sounds" 'cuz the only thing I know about medicine is that a spoonful of sugar helps), are you a med student? Or do you just have really good connections with a doctor....if you don't mind me asking that is

    ANY-way, you kick ass. No wait! You kick face! ('Cuz that hurts more*lol)
    • Nope, we do not (you do realize that we of black_cigarette are a group of four writers, yes?) have any medical training.

      What we have is internet access and a willingness to do a bit of homework, ask questions of some of our friends who do have training in the medical field, and take the time to get things as right as we can.

      Glad you're enjoying this, and no, you're not a dumbass for not commenting. We're still pleased to hear from you, though. :-)
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  • absolutely amazing and this isnt the last installment right? Sunday's is *hopefully im not being stupid in asking this*

  • What molly, evila_elf and corgigirl said.

    I truly lost myself in this chapter as only a few others in this saga have drawn me in before (though I enjoyed them). The revelation and catharsis were a long time coming, and lived up to the suspense. What a horrible, scarring thing for Martin to have done to House and his friend; no wonder he's pushed so many people away since then, other than Stacy and Wilson. I liked that they needed to be drunk for the excuse and the ability to talk (to describe, to apologize) and be physically close. I'm not sure how I feel about House crying, but his broken apology rang true in all its intensity, sincerity and mixed-up motivations -- childhood and adulthood, Chris and Wilson, friend and brother, betrayal and love and guilt. I love the sentiment that they have found a brother in each other unlike the brothers who've hurt them in the past. I love how well they know each other, know how to handle each other. Although neither of them can exorcise Martin, they're going to manage all right.
  • Christ....i know i'm really late with this, but i just finished, and i don't really know how to express how deep the emotional effect of this was on me, but i want to let you know that it affected me anyway, because this was just beautiful, and amazing. so there's my completely useless but nonetheless self-satisfying comment i needed to get out there.
    • Completely useless, you say?

      Oh, not at all. We love these kinds of notes. I mean -- we write comments like these on other stories that affect us, so, yeah. We get it. Really. It's never "late" and it always means something to the writers.

      Thank you so much for this.
  • What a horrible experience for young House. This chapter reveals so much of what House must have felt throughout the story, besides guilt and concern for Wilson -- he must have been reliving the horror in a way that Wilson could not know, and having to do so alone, as he has for all these years. What a tour de force!
  • The build-up of this story has made me realise this chapter had to happen, (only 99 in!) and it's so well done when it finally all comes out. And a lot of other things, House's fear of that "resentment" he has to know about so well, and the "swimming" metaphor is perfect for that treacherous physical reaction neither of them could fight. It all fits together here, very satisfying.
  • have not yet finished reading this chapter.
    but this line: because he's permanently five years old and this is how his brain works

    cracked me up.
  • oh god he needed to say all that.
    worse and better than i'd been anticipating, somehow.

    i'd say "great story" but you probably already know that by now, and it's comically inadequate anyway
  • "House ... what part of 'Let's be pathetic middle-aged roommates' didn't you understand?"

    They're perfect, and so broken but so together. The revelation - finally - of House's complete history was breath-taking, and so terrible. But thank you, because it hurt in all the right ways.
  • I don't even have words... Heartbreaking and lovely and beautiful and just... daaaaamn. Martin was one sick fuck even at 17.
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