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Bad Company

Another Collective Update



Another Collective Update

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Greetings, everyone!

Here's the latest from the world of Aftershocks.

As of right now, the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 9th, we have three more chapters left to post.  We are going to post right on through the weekend, wrapping up on Sunday, rather than making you wait.  

After that there will be a hiatus of a week or two before we post the three Epilogues.

Many of you have asked whether we'd be putting this into .pdf format so you can easily download it.  One of our amazing and wonderful readers has taken on this task, which is great because none of the Collective had any idea how to do it.  So far it is looking very good and is weighing in at about 300 pages.  Really.

The grand total of chapters?  Bad Company, and then 99 of the Interregnum and Aftershocks.  So that's an even ONE HUNDRED. 

And then the three Epilogues.

Have we mentioned that we're a bit ... dizzy and frazzled?  But we're loving it.
  • Thank you!

    We're thrilled about the .pdf project, and hoping to come up with a nice piece of cover art for it as well.

    We all found Bad Company really hard to deal with. There will be a lot of discussion about that -- and about the whole process that sort of accidentally led to the creation of this enormous story -- once the full tale and the Epilogues are posted.

    For those who are interested in the "making of Aftershocks" stuff, we suggest that you put this LJ page on your alerts list so that you know when new posts go up.

    We will also, over time, post a few "DVD extras" -- scenes we wrote which we didn't use, usually because they would not have fit into the flow of the story as we were posting it.
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