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Bad Company

A Note from the Collective



A Note from the Collective

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horse race

Well, we are in the final stretch of this incredible project.  Some of you asked us to let you know when the end was upon us.

We have another five or six chapters to go in Aftershocks.

There will then be a short hiatus -- a week or two; we will let you know the schedule as we get it sorted out -- before the Epilogue pieces (three of them) are posted.

Once that's done we'll open up the curtains and show you who wrote what, and we'll discuss the whole process and take you "behind the scenes" of building the Monster Fic from Beyond, for anyone who's interested.  It's been a phenomenal experience and we really can't wait to bore you to tears talk about it.

Our undying thanks to everyone who's been reading. 
  • I've been lurking through out most of this, but just wanted to say, a week or two?? I was saving most of these fics so I could read them all in succession without any breaks. How am I possibly gonna read them all in a week or two???

    Well, I guess I'll stay home from work :P
    • You don't have to read them all in a week or two, you know. Keep saving them to your favorites (or just coming back to the Big Timeline Post right here) and read at your leisure.

      Simple, yes?

  • *reposting because I really can tell homonyms apart . . . really.*

    Can't wait to hear you all talk about it, and I plan to burn through an ink cartridge printing out the finished product for a long "sit down in a comfy chair" read.
    • I think we should call Hugh Laurie and ask him to read it in it's entirity, put it on Itunes so I can download it into my Ip-odd.

      Yup. It's that good.


      • Now that's a lovely thing to dream about. Shoot, I'd swipe my kid's iPod for that.

        I've read it in progress, but I love to take a paper copy of a long story and sit down and re-immerse in it like with a good novel. And since I carry it around in a file folder I can *ahem* make people think I'm working and they don't bug me while I'm reading. :)
        • Speaking of which, if you (authors) would like to have all the chapters compiled into a single PDF when you're done, I'd be happy to do some/all of the legwork. Plus I bet Blackmare could do some kick-ass cover art.
          • I could, yes, and I think I'd like to give it a go. It would be the first thing I've ever illustrated.

            • Sweet. If it's half as gorgeous as your regular work, it's going to be a wonderful cover.
              • I'm terrified to try it, honestly. I have no idea how to do any kind of justice to such a wide-ranging story. Don't even know what the image ought to be.

                There's a good chance I'll freeze up and we'll have to get someone else to do the cover, but there are many good artists in the fandom and I'm sure we'll end up with something that works.

                I'll just take the first crack at it.
                • 'Course. And if you end up having a hard time deciding what image to depict, you could always do a collage-type thing.
  • (Anonymous)
    I'm going to be sad to see it end, but I'm really looking forward to the unmasking and the behind the scenes discussion.

    This has been an amazing project. Is there any chance you'll put it all together in one PDF or Word file so it can be downloaded. I've been trying to keep up saving every installment, but I'm sure I'm missing some.
  • (no subject) -
    • We can't post the Epilogue pieces immediately because they're not completely finished.

      You would be very surprised just how much of this story has been ... flying by the seat of our collective pants.

      Now that Lifeline is up, we appear to have five more chapters left, and then the three Epilogue pieces.

  • (no subject) -
    • Hi there hithah.

      The email notifications from this page go to only one of us, but we're all friendly. I'll send you that email.
  • all good thing must come to an end... *sighs*

    But I'm thrilled about the "behind the scenes" discussion... you'll hear from me ;)

    btw, I second the request... once it's done, it'd be wonderful to have all the parts together in a pdf file. Of course I could do it myself, but I hope it would be easier for you (because maybe you already have a single file with all the parts).

    and now... off to read the new part!
  • i must confess I'm almost more interested in the process than in the resolution of the story. Almost.
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