September 27th, 2010


We are Back

We will be posting the next arc of our story this week, beginning today.

All our previous chapters are at the Big Post for Distress Call. Specifically, we left Wilson and House at the rendezvous with a fellow named Evo Krater.

For those of our readers who have come from LiveJournal, welcome! We have all the same content over here at Dreamwidth.

ringed planet

Distress Call Part Five: New Hires

TITLE: New Hires
SUMMARY: The first day on a job is rarely easy. Working for Evo Krater is no exception.
CHARACTERS: House, Wilson, various OCs.
RATING: R for language and themes (gen fic).
WARNINGS: This is a very alternate universe. Adult themes and adult language.
DISCLAIMER: Don't own 'em. Never will.
NOTES: This is the first chapter of Part Five. We left off at the end of Part Four, at Rendezvous. Links to all chapters of the Distress Call universe can be found here.

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