black_cigarette (black_cigarette) wrote,

Distress Call universe Friends/First Readers changes

Greetings all.

We are updating our First Readers list -- this is our loose handful of drive-by betas who screen-test this stuff before it goes live, and thus save us from falling on our faces.

If you got a notice that "black_cigarette has removed you from their friends list," it means you were a First Reader, and we've just taken you off that roster due to your having moved on from the fandom. If you got that notice and you'd like to stay, let us know. Or if you've been a First Reader and would like to be removed from that list, we'll do that too.

This post is public, but the vast majority of our readers won't see any change, because you never saw our final draft posts anyway. This First-Readers update only affects about a dozen people who have access to our almost-finished drafts, for critique purposes.

Everyone who's still around, we're happy to have you all. <3
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