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Bad Company

Distress Call universe Friends/First Readers changes



Distress Call universe Friends/First Readers changes

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blood cells
Greetings all.

We are updating our First Readers list -- this is our loose handful of drive-by betas who screen-test this stuff before it goes live, and thus save us from falling on our faces.

If you got a notice that "black_cigarette has removed you from their friends list," it means you were a First Reader, and we've just taken you off that roster due to your having moved on from the fandom. If you got that notice and you'd like to stay, let us know. Or if you've been a First Reader and would like to be removed from that list, we'll do that too.

This post is public, but the vast majority of our readers won't see any change, because you never saw our final draft posts anyway. This First-Readers update only affects about a dozen people who have access to our almost-finished drafts, for critique purposes.

Everyone who's still around, we're happy to have you all. <3
  • I'm still on LJ

    I work 60 hours a week so I have very little time for other things. I have also developed a new addiction, Scandal, which takes what little time I have left. With that said, I do stop by HWLJ once a week to check out what's going on. I still want to be on the list for your stories because they make me very happy. So please don't delete me.
    • Re: I'm still on LJ

      Idon, it is so good to see you!

      If you have our journal on your f-list, you'll still see our entries as usual, and I'm guessing you have us on your alerts, which also won't change. <3

      This is about the friends-list we maintain for First Readers. If you're on that, you get to see the drafts when they're almost complete, and help us fix anything we missed in our writing process. The fandom has had a lot of people leave and some new ones come in, so we've adjusted that list and we wanted to make sure we didn't remove anyone who wanted to stay, or add anyone who didn't have the time or inclination to first-read.

      ETA that if you do want to be a First Reader, I would be good with that; it just doesn't sound like you'd have the time! As it is, again, nothing should have changed for you, since you weren't on the list we are updating.

      Edited at 2013-04-07 12:48 am (UTC)
  • Please don't delete me, either! :)

    I'm still around, and I still LOVE you guys and your stuff! SO GOOD to hear from you!
    • Re: Please don't delete me, either! :)

      I'm going to have to edit this post! It's scaring people and it wasn't meant to. The only thing we're changing at all is our First-Readers list, which was only about a dozen people in the first place. You weren't on that, so there won't be any change at all for you. Your alerts and everything will remain just as they are, and we aren't locking down any of our stories. It's just the drafting process we're talking about here.


      It's good to hear from you, too. We've been sllloooowly at work on the Vampverse for, well ... ever.
  • It's nice to know that you all are still working on "Distress Call"; in celebration of that, I think I'll re-read it from the start!
    • :-D

      We do that, now and then. Probably have to again really soon, as we move forward.

      Also, we are keeping a "bible" post of this universe. Unlike certain showrunners we could name.
  • I am just plain pleased that you are still thinking about that universe and Black Cgarette in general. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I didn't want to be pushy by asking as I know that RL stuff takes precedent. Still, with the end of the show I did have a tiny concern that Vampire House and Sustenance-Providing-Near-Death Wilson might forever be lost in space (though you did manage to leave them at a not too bad spot ;)).
    • I'm thrilled at the response to this post, especially given how many folks have left the fandom.

      We added a couple new First Readers recently and took several off the list, but we didn't want to make anyone we removed wonder if it was something they said.

      We are always, always thinking about this universe. I have 160 posts tagged for distress call on my journal, and that's not counting the AU/AU stuff we play around with.
  • I'm so glad to see this post, because it might mean, perhaps, maybe, if only, that an update to 'Distress Call' is forthcoming in the not too distant future.......
  • What an unexpected pleasure it was to wake up and see your emails. I'm currently in Bahrain and as part of my shipment I included my black three ring notebook of your writings. Only a week ago I thought about pulling out the other story you wrote to read once again.

    I'm still an active reading of all House fiction and nothing else. I love your updates and haven't given up on you. Bring it on! :) You have made my day. Glad to see you are back.
  • Still here. Still devoted to your writing. Still happy to First Read anything. But more than anything, completely thrilled to see you are all still committed to this. You win some kind of award for discipline and professional commitment to your writing.
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